Friday, February 28, 2014

SCREW #147 featuring cover art by YOSSARIAN, plus a tasteless Vietnam-era house ad!

Here's SCREW #147, dated December 27, 1971. This is from the era when Steven Heller was art director, and Jim Buckley, (SCREW's co-founder) was still on the masthead). Another interesting tidbit from this issue's masthead: in addition to his position as Executive Editor, Al Goldstein is also listed as "Food Editor."

Cover art is by Alan Shenker, (aka YOSSARIAN). Shenker, (a talented contemporary of underground comix titans like R. Crumb and Spain Rodriguez) was also SCREW's art director for a bit. Remembrances of Shenker, (who died in 2013) can be found here and here

I've also included a scan of SCREW #147's back cover, which features a typically tasteless house ad that references heroic Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc, who had famously set himself on fire to protest the Vietnam War in June 1963.  

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