Saturday, August 11, 2012

SCREW #1,118: Cover art by Eric Drooker

Here's a nice George HW Bush cover attributed to "Dr. Ook," aka Eric Drooker, the illustrator extraordinaire who has provided many fine covers to The NEW YORKER, as well as posters for the Occupy Wall Street movement. It appears that Baby Bush has a stinky diaper loaded with leftover cash from the Savings & Loan scandal! The issue is dated August 6, 1990.

SCREW #1,143: Cover art by Sabina Van der Linden

This issue is dated January 28, 1991. I know next to nothing about Sabina Van der Linden, but this cover has always stood out in my memory as one of the strongest 1990s-era SCREW covers I've seen. Any additional info on this artist would be greatly appreciated by your humble archivist! Beaucoup thanks go out to SCREW alum Ken Pastore for sending me this cover, 
(plus a few others that I'll post soon).