Saturday, April 27, 2013

SCREW #398, cover art by Wallace Wood

Recently, collector Thomas Stein told me that he'd acquired an issue of SCREW from the mid 70s with cover art by Wally Wood. I started salivating as soon as he described the drawing to me, since this was clearly a Wood cover I hadn't seen before. Tom was kind enough to pay me a visit and let me pull a scan of the cover, which I am now happy to share with all you lovable SCREW Cover Art blog readers. It's SCREW #398, dated October18th, 1976.

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  1. Here's dates for 7 Screw weeklies I own with Wood covers:

    Screw # 398 18-Oct 1976: pool game; 8-ball in the cunny pocket

    Screw # 405 6-Dec 1976: engagement-ring bear-trap with sexy woman bait

    Screw # 414 7-Feb 1977: Eve and two Adams

    Screw # 418 7-Mar 1977: Superguy leaving scene of intercourse with statue

    Screw # 437 18-Jul 1977: Big green alien girl about to use tiny spaceman as dildo

    Screw # 485 19-Jun 1978: man looking in porno-shop window

    Screw # 491 31-Jul 1978: Couple copulating on motorcycle

    according to

    there at least 3 that I don't have - BUT they don't list three that I DO have, AND I've found numerous errors [dates/issue #s] already, and false [no wood content] listings among their pages as well. But it ain't gonna stop me from checkin' out any possibilities in looking for more Woody!