Sunday, May 3, 2009

SCREW Issue #1330, featuring cover artist Guy Gonzales

For our inaugural SCREW Magazine Cover Art post, let's check out Issue #1330, which features a delightful Times Square drawing by longtime SCREW contributor & living legend Guy Gonzales, (in this instance, using the cute pseudonym "Dan Johnson, Jr.").

I don't know exactly how many covers Guy drew for SCREW over the years, but he's certainly on the short list of most frequently-used cover artists, (along with Robert Schneck, Jim "Hak" Hopkins, Kaz, Ken Weiner-Avidor, Paul Kirchner, and myself).

Besides his considerable drawing talents, Guy brought his intimate knowledge of the old Times Square's inner workings to the cover of SCREW. There are lots of wonderful details here, which must've made for a dizzyingly complex color separation, (yep, we did 'em by hand in those days). My best guess is that this cover dates from the mid-1990s, but I could be off by a few years in either direction.


  1. Pretty ironic to see the covers of Screw created by one of the same artists who recently illustrated The Book Of Genesis , none other than R. Crumb. Thank you for showing these samples and enlightening visitors.

  2. Great blog Danny, and after the smashing spread of Guy Gonzales art on Typhon i can't wait to see more